h judah

Library of Congress photo (LC-DIG-cwpb-05312)

A cadet in 1839, Henry Judah was, upon graduating in July, 1843,
brevet 2nd lieutenant and assigned to the Eighth Infantry. He was
in the military occupation of Texas in 1845 and 1846. In April of
1846 he was promoted to 2nd lieutenant and transferred to the
Fourth Infantry. In 1846 he participated in the battles of Palo Alto,
Resaca de la Palma, and Monterrey. In 1847 he was engaged in the
Siege of Vera Cruz, the battle of Cerro Gordo, the capture of San
Antonio the battles of Churubusco, Molino del Rey, Chapultepec,
and the assault on, and capture of, the City of Mexico.In
September of 1847 Judah received a brevet for 1st lieutenant, for
gallant and meritorious conduct in the battle of Molino del Rey,
Mexico and a brevet for captain, for gallant and meritorious
conduct in the battle of Chapultepec, Mexico.

Judah was promoted to first lieutenant in September of 1847 and to
captain in September of 1853. In September of 1861, Judah was
promoted to Colonel, Fourth California Volunteers and in March,
of 1862, he was promoted to Brigadier General of Volunteers. In
April of 1862 he was made acting Inspector General of the Army
of Tennessee and in May, 1862, he was given command of the 1st
division and was engaged in the siege of Corinth.  Judah was
promoted to Major, Fourth U.S. Infantry in June of 1862.  He was
acting Inspector General of the Army of Ohio in October of 1862.
For the remainder of the war he was in command of various posts
or on sick leave.

Henry Judah died January 14, 1866, at Plattsburg, New York.