Frederick T. Dent became a cadet in 1839. On graduation, in 1843, he was brevet second lieutenant in the Sixth
Infantry. Promoted to second lieutenant in 1846, he was assigned to the Fifth Infantry. During the Mexican War
he participated in the siege of Vera Cruz, the capture of San Antonio and the battles of Contreras, Churubusco,
and Molino del Rey (where he was wounded). In August of 1847 he was brevet a 1st lieutenant for gallant and
meritorious conduct in the battles of Contreras and Churubusco. A month later he was brevet captain for gallant
and meritorious conduct in the battle of Molino del Ray.

Dent was promoted to 1st lieutenant in 1847. In the spring of 1855 he was promoted to captain and assigned to
the Ninth Infantry. While with the Ninth Infantry, Captain Dent participated in several campaigns and expeditions.

Dent was promoted to major and assigned to the Fourth Infantry in March of 1863. In January, 1864, he was a
member of the Military Commission for the trial of State Prisoners. He was promoted to lieutenant colonel and
was Staff-Aid-de-Camp to the General-in-Chief (Lieutenant General Grant) in the spring of 1864. Through the
remainder of 1864 and into 1865, he was present in the battles and military operations of the Richmond Campaign.
He was brevet colonel in early 1865 for gallant and meritorious services in the field during the rebellion. He was
promoted to Brigadier General of United States Volunteers and appointed the military commander of the City of
Richmond, in April of 1865.

He served a period as the military commander of the City of Washington D. C., and was later, in early 1866, a lieutenant
colonel on the staff of the General-in-Chief. In July he was Staff- Aide-de-Camp to the General-in-Chief. In August,
1866, he was transferred to the Fourteenth Infantry and later was assigned to the Twentieth Infantry. In 1869 he was
Aide-de-Camp to the President of the United States.

Note: At the Military Academy, Frederick's room mate was future President, Ulysses S. Grant. In August of 1848, Grant
and Frederick's sister, Julia, were married.