Library of Congress photo (LC-USZ62-105785)

Entering the Military Academy in 1854, Caleb Carlton graduated
and was transfered to the Seventh U.S. Infantry with the brevet
rank of second lieutenant in July of 1859. He was promoted to 2nd
lieutenant and transfered to the Fourth Infantry in October of 1859.
In May of 1861, just after the start of the war he was promoted to
first lieutenant.

With the Fourth U.S., he was engaged in the siege of Yorktown,
Virginia (April & May, 1862). He was promoted to Captain in June
of 1862. He participated in the battles of Gaines' Mill, Malvern Hill,
Second Manassas (all in Virginia), and in the battle of Antietam,
Maryland. In December of 1862, he particpated in the battle of
Fredericksburg, Virginia. He was brevet major in July 1862, for
gallant and meritorious services during the Penisular campaign.

In 1863 he participated in the battle of Chickamauga, Georgia,
during which he was captured.

He was promoted Colonel, 89th Ohio Volunteers in July, 1863, and
was brevet lieutenant colonel, in September, 1863, for gallant and
meritorious services at the battle of Chickamauga. In 1864 he was
engaged in the battle of Kenesaw Mountain and the siege of

He was a professor of Military Science and Tactics at Miami University, Ohio in 1869 and was assigned to the
Tenth Cavalry in January of 1871.