Library of Congress photo (LC-DIG-cwpb-04884)

A Cadet in 1839, Christopher Augur was brevet second lieutenant,
Second Infantry in July of 1843. He was in garrison at Ft. Ontario,
NY, until 1845 when he was promoted to second lieutenant and
transferred to the Fourth Infantry. In 1845 and 1846 he was with
the Fourth during the military occupation of Texas. He participated
in the Battles of Resaca de la Palma and Palo Alto in May of 1846.
He was promoted to first lieutenant in February of 1847 and from
March of 1847, until September of 1847, was Aide-de-Camp to
Brigadier General Enos Hopping. Later, from September of 1847
to May of 1848, he was Aide-de-Camp to Brigadier General

He was posted at East Pascagoula, Mississippi for part of 1848,
and later, until 1852, was posted at Fort Niagara, New York. He
was promoted to captain in August of 1852 and, after moving west
with the Regiment, was posted at Fort Vancouver, Washington
Territory (1852 to 1854).  In 1855 he was at Fort Yakima, and in
November, 1855, he was engaged against the Yakima Indians at
Two Buttes, Washington Territory. He served on the frontier until
the start of the Civil War.

He was promoted to major, Thirteenth Infantry, in May 1861. In August, 1861, he was, for a short time, appointed to
the Military Academy as Commandant of Cadets and Instructor of Artillery, Cavalry, and Infantry tactics.  He was
promoted to Brigadier General of Volunteers in November of 1861 and, in 1862, was engaged in capture of
Fredericksburg and and Battle of Cedar Mountain (where he was wounded).  In November, 1862, he was a member
of the Military Court to investigate the circumstances of the November, 1862, surrender of Harper’s Ferry, Virginia.
In December of 1862 he was engaged in General Banks’ expedition to New Orleans. He was with, and commanded
the left wing of the Union forces during the siege of Port Hudson, Mississippi.  Augur was Brevet Colonel for
gallant and meritorious services at Cedar Mountain. He was promoted to Major General Volunteers and to lieutenant
colonel, Twelfth Infantry, in July of 1863. He was brevet Brigadier General in March of 1865, for gallant and
meritorious services in the capture of Port Hudson, Mississippi. Also in March of 1865, he was brevet Major General
for gallant and meritorious services, in the field, during the Rebellion.

Augur was promoted to colonel, Twelfth Infantry in March of 1866 and to Brigadier General in March of 1869.